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          What can pelicans do?


As this lively picture book shows, this large-billed bird with an oversized pouch can do quite a lot, especially when there’s a hungry mouth to feed back at home. As our protagonist soars through the air, it pays careful attention to marine life swimming below, diving from the sky to “scoop a delicious fish soup.” Naturally, some of this catch ends up being shared with its mate and its chick upon its return to the nest. Repetitive, rhyming, call-and-response–style text makes this one a sure bet for the younger set. “Who can fly up in the sky?” “Who can spy small fish with their eye?” “Who can dive down so fast?” Each time, the answer is an enthusiastic “The pelican can! The pelican can!” Though some might have wished for backmatter with more information about pelicans, it’s a small point. Yuly’s torn-paper, ink, and digital-media artwork is the standout here. Each page is saturated with blues, pinks, or purples. On some pages, the pelican is silhouetted in black, while on others, it’s rendered with just a few strokes of black ink. Yuly imbues her subject with verve and energy; readers will be just as eager to see the results of the pelican’s flight as the birds waiting back home in the nest.


Will prompt well-deserved appreciation for this unique bird. 

Kirkus, starred review

The Pelican Can!

by Toni Yuly

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

May 2024

ISBN-10: 0316497819

ISBN-13: 978-0316497817


With exuberant text and striking art, this picture book that celebrates what a pelican can do will have young readers chanting joyfully along!

Who can amaze with their remarkable ways? 
The pelican can! 
The pelican can!


When a young pelican wakes up hungry, pelican parents know just what to do! Take a trip to the seaside and cheer for a marvelous bird who can fly, soar, dive, and more! Luminous graphic art paired with infectious rhythmic text makes for a winning invitation to join in a soaring journey to observe and celebrate the way that pelicans feed their young.

The pelican does what a pelican can do.
Now, how about you?



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