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"The simplicity of this story results in its perfection. Repeated scenes of a branch of the persimmon tree, shown in different weather and at various times of day, will hold children’s interest during multiple rereads and help them learn about the seasons and other aspects of the natural world. . . The precise, limited narrative and its message that good things can take time to develop will lull readers into a sense of calm appreciation, making this an ideal story for bedtime. Delightful and soothing encouragement to slow down and enjoy life."Kirkus Reviews, starred review"



            With a few carefully chosen words and images, Yuly fashions a delicate paean to nature and mindfulness. “When you slow down…/ you see more,” whisper the inviting first lines. . . The minimalist style and composition of the hazy, soft-textured art winningly reflect the book’s philosophy of stripped-down simplicity. . . An appealing purchase for all collections, with plenty of details to inspire conversation and reward multiple read-throughs."School Library Journal, starred review

Slowly, Slowly

by Toni Yuly

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

September 2023

ISBN-10: 1665917180

ISBN-13: 978-1665917186


A persimmon branch takes its time creating a wonderful gift for the community around it in this charming picture book celebrating the beauty that can be found in slowing down.

When you slow down...
you see more.
You see the day waking up,
the turtle taking steps,
the wind having fun.
You see wonder
all around.


In this this simple yet stunning picture book, a persimmon tree stretches across every page, changing with the seasons. In the world beyond its branches, a boy and his puppy delight in the wonders they see around them. All the while, the tree is slowly growing, blooming, and creating fruit to be enjoyed.

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